Head of the Chinese French Centre for Innovation in Education . Professor, Research Unit SAGE Faculty of Social Sciences, Strasbourg University and Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University.



Alexandra BARBERET

Ph.D student in Educational Sciences at LISEC (Learning Sciences and Communication Laboratory) and a lecturer for undergraduate students at the University of Strasbourg.  Alexandra‘s area of specialization is Comparative Education and Education Policies. Her main research subject focuses on “The glocalization of teaching practices in France”. The objective is to understand how French elementary school teachers adapt the teaching practices defined by international guidelines.

Furthermore, Alexandra has a dual career track record.  She has a PhD in Physics from ENSPG (Grenoble Engineering School for Physics)/ University of Grenoble) and has worked for 12 years as researcher physicist in several countries, particularly in the US and Germany.


Liyan JING

Ph.D candidate at the University of Strasbourg (UDS) major in sociology, focusing on the comparative study of foreign cultural policy between China and France : example of confucius Institute and Alliance francaise.


Kaige YANG

Chinese teacher of Camille Sée High school of Colmar. She had been working as assistant at CFCPE and at CFCIE assistant since the centers were founded. During the founding stage, she has contributed to the organization and coordination of the earliest symposia and seminars of the center. Holder of a Master’s degree in language didactics at Paris Descartes University and a Master’s degree in Educational science at the University of Strasbourg, Ms. YANG has concrete experiences in education of the youth.


Yingdong LIU

Ph.D. student in Educational Sciences at the University of Strasbourg, France. Her main research interests are the learning experience design, the evaluation of the learning experience and the instructional design for serious game.
She received her first master degree in Educational Science (education and technology) from the University of Strasbourg and her second master degree in Cognitive Science (human-computer interaction) at the University of Lyon II.


Runxi ZHAO 

In 2018, I graduated from Beijing Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in educational management. I am currently a master student of sociology at the University of Strasbourg.