Franco-Chinese Chair on Education Policies in Europe

Missions of the Chair

  • Sharing knowledge on, management, training and policies in European education between France and China
  • Providing contents and seminars for advanced students at the Bejing Normal University and Strasbourg University
  • Reviewing, trasnlating, transferring scientific knowledge , international and european experiences in education policies and equalty of opportunities
  • Creating meeting spaces between academic research  and professionnals to better taking into accoung political, social and cultural evolutions in education
  • Implementing professional development programmes for French and Chinese executives   (State, local authorities, other institutions) interested by lifelong learning and knowkedge economy
  • Developping exchanges,visits and collaborations between scholars and professionnals in France and China
  • Organizing events and regular meetings with educational executives and partners intrested by education policies and equality of opportunities in France and China

Members of the Chair

Romuld copie

Romuald Normand

Responsible for the chair and Professor in sociology

He is specialized in comparative study of education systems and policies. He also investigates issues of education management and school organizations through an international and comparative perspective.  He has developed research on measurement policies in education, the european bulding of education and higher education, the transformations of the academic work., the development of expertise.

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Kaige YANG

Assistant of the chair

She has achieved a master in educational sciences at the Strasbourg University.  She has developed skills in the training and teaching of Chinese language and culture for young and adult people. .She collaborates since several years with the Alsatian Institute Confucius  and the Bejing Normal University. She contributes to the organization of seminars, conferences and study visits.

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