Recent activities of the Chinese French Centre for Innovation in Education (CFCIE)

Since its establishment, the CFCIE has been continuously promoting exchanges and cooperation with French universities and research institutes, with the University of Strasbourg in France, the University of Toulouse in France, the University Paris Diderot, University Paris-Sorbonne, ESSEC, the Institute of Policy Studies in Paris, the French National Education Ministry, the French National School of Administration, the French National Scientific Research Centre, the French General Director of the Ministry of Education, and the French Embassy in China have established cooperation and exchange relations. On this basis, academic and exchange conferences were held. Supported by the Beijing Normal University, the National Intelligence Service, the State Bureau of Foreign Experts, the Basic Education Quality Inspection Centre of the Ministry of Education, the University of Strasbourg, France, the Ministry of Education of France, and the research of various topics, including France, Finland, the United States, and Portugal. More than 20 scholars in the field of education, including Italy, conducted lectures and courses.