Since its establishment, the CFCIE has been continuously promoting exchanges and cooperation with French universities and research institutes, with the University of Strasbourg in France, the University of Toulouse in France, the University Paris Diderot, University Paris-Sorbonne, ESSEC, the Institute of Policy Studies in Paris, the French National Education Ministry, the French National School of Administration, the French National Scientific Research Centre, the French General Director of the Ministry of Education, and the French Embassy in China have established cooperation and exchange relations. On this basis, academic and exchange conferences were held. Supported by the Beijing Normal University, the National Intelligence Service, the State Bureau of Foreign Experts, the Basic Education Quality Inspection Centre of the Ministry of Education, the University of Strasbourg, France, the Ministry of Education of France, and the research of various topics, including France, Finland, the United States, and Portugal. More than 20 scholars in the field of education, including Italy, conducted lectures and courses.
Conferences, seminars, visits and exchanges
1.     Conferences
a.     June 2015 First Work Conference of the CFCIE and Sino-French Education Supervision and Evaluation Seminar Beijing
b.     October 2015 Assistance in the organization of the Third International Conference on Education Measurement and Evaluation in Beijing,
c.     May 2016 Secondary School Management Forum of China-France School Principals in Beijing
d.     May 2016 Sino-France Collaborative Symposium on Educational Research Beijing
e.     June 2016 the Second Meeting of China – France High-level People to People Dialogue, Paris
f.      August 2016 WCCES Teacher Professional Development Forum Beijing
g.     November 2016 Early Childhood and Pre-School Education Supervision and Evaluation Conference Poitiers, France  
2.     Fieldwork in 2016 Liu Min’s visit to France on the “Basic Education Supervision in France”
3.     Survey 2017 Wang Xiaohui went to France to conduct a three-month field survey in Rouen, France.
4.     Projects and exchanges  
a.     2015-2016 China and France Ministry of Education “Xu Guangqi” Project: Sino-French Education Cooperation Research
b.     2015-2016 China, France and Finland Education Evaluation and Quality Assurance System Study
c.     2016-2017 China and France Teacher Professional Development Study Cooperative Course about Teacher Instruction in Education and National Development Professor Romuald Normand Beijing Normal University Master of English and Ph.D. Students
d.     Comparative Education Macro Decision Making Research Prof. Romuald Normand Master of Education
e.     March 29 – May 28, 2016 Comparative Education Pr. Romuald Normand, Faculty of Education Ph.D.
f.      October 24 2014, Lecture reporting French education administration and supervision system Jean-Claude CHAPU, Vice Chancellor of the French National School of Administration
g.     4 June 2015, The impact of the OECD policy evaluation on the governance of the higher education of the member states: Finland as an example. Researcher Johanna Kallo, University of Turku, Finland
h.     9 June 2015, William Hogarth and Laurence Sterne: Modern Identity and Portraiture in Enlightenment England 1700-1770, Prof. Frédéric Ogée, Vice Chancellor, French University of France
i.      12 June 2015, Better understanding of the more effective actions on school self-evaluation in France, Inspectors Dominique Sassi, Patrice Lemoine
j.      12 June 2015, Overview to the Finnish/Nordic Education Politics, Education System and QAE of Education Prof. Risto Rinne, Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Turku, Finland
k.     18 October 2015, How to develop student education quality in the 21st Century OECD Director of Education and Skills Division, Prof. Andreas Schleicher, leader of PISA
l.      21 April 2016, The role of local government in local governance and education policy Professor Philippe Raimbault, President of the University of Toulouse, France
m.   25 May 2016, Education reform in the perspective of new public management The French National Research Scientific Centre, Professor Romuald Normand, Expert for the State Administration among Foreign Experts of China
n.     23 August 2016, What is Teacher Specialization? How to evaluate teacher specialization? Professor Andreas Schleicher, Director of the OECD Division of Educational Skills and Leader of PISA
o.     23 August 2016, How to be a good teacher? Professor Romuald Normand, University of Strasbourg, France
p.     7-9 November 2016 International French-Chinese Seminar: Childhood policies, Evaluation and Inspection.  Towards a Quality Education for All? Ecole Supérieure de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, Poitiers, France.  
q.     6 December 2016, The Transformation of the State in France: a (quick) Comparison between Health and Education Professor Romuald Normand, Research Fellow, Institute of Government, China National Foreign Experts Agency
r.      Database and Website Construction about the French Education Policy Annual Database (2014-2017)
Development of the CFCIE website  And French website:
s.      The Talent Development Project Centre is actively promoting the joint training program of Paris Sorbonne University and Beijing Normal University. The Centre currently does not have the qualifications for personnel training and is currently participating in the training of MEFF, a master’s degree in education. The project is aimed at cultivating French-speaking education talents. It is also the first overseas project of the French Master of Education in cooperation with overseas universities. Graduates can participate in the unified examination of French national teacher qualifications
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4.     On-line resources in French on education in China:
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6.     Book (Chinese, English, French, Portuguese: eds. Miguel Luis Carvalho, Louis Levasseur, Liu Min, Romuald Normand, Dalila Andrade Oliveira. Education policies and the restructuring of professions in education. Global and comparative perspectives. (Chinese Education Sciences Publishing House/ Springer/ Presses de l’Université Laval/ Noves).  (in 2018)
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