History of the Centre

The Chinese French Centre for Innovation in Education (CFCIE) has been created by LIU Min and Romuald Normand in 2015 through a partnership between  Strasbourg University and Beijing Normal University during the 2nd ceremony People-to-People gathering representatives from Chinese and French government in Beijing.  The CFCIE is a  interdisciplinary research centre on education and  related public policies (culture, social, health, etc.), which supports exchanges and cooperations between China and France  about European and international issues.

The mid-term program of the CFCIE is to develop comparative research between Chinese and France and to respond to the Chinese Ministry of Education’s demands in education policy, to participate to the cooperation between the Chinese and the French ministries in a context of a general agreement on expertise signed by the two governments.  .

Since May-June 2015, the Centre has developed its activities. .

Romuald Normand attend regularly the  Beijing Normal University as a associated professor to deliver courses to students and lectures.. In 2017, he was appointed national expert for the Chinese government on educational issues and associate professor at the Beijing Normal University

In 2015, The Chinese-French Centre  has led a scientific cooperation exchange Campus France Xu Guangqi to develop cooperation in comparative education research . Pr Liu Min came in France for the exchange. A delegation of the BNU was welcome at the Strasbourg University to finalize the general agreement on Chinese and French exchanges.

In june 2015, the CFCIE launched his first international seminar on evaluation in education. During the event, he welcome a French delegation from Strasbourg’s local authority and a Finnish research team from the Turku University. The seminar was completed by school visits and interviews with Chinese professionals in Béjing and the Shandong province. Delegations were supported by the services of the French and Finnish embassies in Beijing.

in June 2016, the CFCIE draw a agreement on the exchange and training of educational executives signed between the Beijing Normal University and the Ecole Supérieure de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.(Poitiers, Franceà. The same month, the  CFCIE facilitated a meeting with Chinese educational researchers at the French Embassy in Beijing. InAugust 2016 was held a symposium during the XVIth World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (21-27 August 2016). In Autumn, the  CFCIE  organized a Chinese-French seminar on Chilhood policies at the Ecole Supérieure de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.(Poitiers, France) in partnership with the French embassy in Beijing with representatives from the Chinese and the French ministries.

During the year 2017, a collective book on the impact of globalization on educational professions has been coordinated by Romuald Normand and LIU Min, and then submitted to the Chinese Educational Sciences Publishing House.  In 2018, an edition is scheduled in Chinese, English (with the publisher Springer), Portuguese (with the publisher Vozes) and French languages (with the publisher Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec). This book will follow a set of scientific events organized in South America, Europe and China (Florianopolis, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Copenhagen).

In 2018,an agreement will be finalized with the BNU editions for the translation of important French books for the Chinese education.The first bookhas been written by the professor Gu Mingyuan « Cultural Foundations of Chinese Education » 2014. Editions Brill.