Contributors’ Biographies and presentations of ECNU-UNISTRA international seminar

ECNU- East China Normal University


 Zhiwei DENG

Associate Professor of Institute of International and Comparative Education at the University of East China Normal University, he is associate director of Institute of International and Comparative Education. His research area is comparative education, schooling development planning, curriculum development and instruction reform, educational movies.



Associate professor at East China Normal University, Faculty of Education, Institute of International and Comparative Education, China. She works on comparative education and educational policies, educational equity and gender, French higher education reform. She has hosted and coordinated several national projects and Sino-French projects and selected for PuJiang Talent Program, etc.




Associate Professor of Institute of International and Comparative Education at the University of East China Normal University. Her research area is education policies, comparative education.



Tainian ZHENG

Associate Professor of Institute of International and Comparative Education at the University of East China Normal University. His research area is comparative education, the learning sciences and instructional design.


Yong FAN

Ph.D. Candidate of department of education, faculty of education, East China Normal University. Research in education policy and politics, educational governance.



PHD student major in educational economic and management at the East China Normal University, Faculty of Education, China. She works on education policies and governance, higher education quality assurance, opportunities to learn and career education.



PHD student in comparative education at East China Normal University, Institute of International and Comparative Education, China. Her main research interests are comparative education policies, citizenship education and education in Japan.


Shaoyang WU

PhD candidate of Institute of International and Comparative Education at East China Normal University. His current research interests focus on 21st century learning, critical thinking curriculum development, international education and schooling. As for this conference, He wants to explore the governance of shadow education in China.


Xiaoying YANG

PhD student in East China Normal university,Faculty of education.My major is the principle of education,main scholar interests are School reform,educational basic theory,school governance.

I have taken charge of many academic programs about school reform and school governance, accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience.




Third-year graduate student of Institute of International and comparative Education at the East China Normal University. Her research area is Comparative Education and Education Policies.



UNISTRA- University of Strasbourg

Research unit SAGE (Societies, Actors and Government in Europe)


Professor of Sociology at the University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Social Sciences, France. (Research Unit SAGE: Societies, Actors and Government of Europe). Fulbright scholar, he works on comparative education policies and politics, Europeanization and Lifelong Learning, Higher Education and Research, New Public Management in education. He is heading the Chinese-French Centre for Innovation in Education with Liu Min as Associated Professor at the Beijing Normal University. Romuald Normand is the convenor of the network 28 “Sociologies of European Education” at the European Educational Research Association. He is a member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Sociology of Education and co-editor of the Routledge series “Studies in European Education” with Martin Lawn. He has published several papers and books: with Martin Lawn, Shaping of European education. Interdisciplinary Approaches, London, Routledge, 2013; with Jean-Louis Derouet, A European Politics of Education: Perspectives from Sociology, Policy Studies and Politics, London, Routledge, 2016; The Changing Epistemic Governance of European Education. The Fabrication of the Homo Academicus Europeans? Dordrecht, Springer, 2016.


His presentation of the symposium is about “The governance of French universities in a time of Europeanization« .You can directly download her presentations by clicking the title.


Vincent DUBOIS
Sociologist and political scientist is Professor at the University of Strasbourg (Institute for Political Studies) and belongs to the SAGE research unit. He was a fellow at the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) for the academic years 2014-2016, a Florence Gould member at the Institute for advanced study in Princeton, NJ, USA (academic year 2012-2013), and previously a member at the Institut Universitaire de France (2007-2012). His research fields include cultural sociology and policy, language policy, poverty and welfare and more generally sociological approach to public policy. He is currently working on control policies in contemporary social state and on the relationship between the lower classes and public institutions.




Senior Lecturer of Political Science and Director of the Graduate Program “Political Science” of the Strasbourg’s Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Magdaléna Hadjiisky has a doctorate in Political sociology from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris (Sciences Po). She teaches European Studies, Comparative Government and Collective Action. Her research deals with post-communist democratic transformations in Central European countries. She has published numerous articles and book chapters in French, English and Czech on Central European politics and on the reform of the post-communist states and has co-edited a special issue of the review Politix on “businessmen in politics”. More recently, her research has focused on the role of International Organizations in processes of policy transfer in the European space.



Wiebke KEIM

CNRS researcher at SAGE (Sociétés, Acteurs, Gouvernement en Europe), Strasbourg University, since 2013. Publications include “Vermessene Disziplin. Zum konterhegemonialen Potential afrikanischer und lateinamerikanischer Soziologien” (transcript: 2008); “Global knowledge production in the social sciences. Made in circulation” (ed. with Ercüment Çelik, Christian Ersche, Veronika Wöhrer; Ashgate: 2014); “Gauging and engaging deviance, 1600-2000” (with Ari Sitas, Sumangala Damodaran, Nicos Trimikliniotis, Faisal Garba; Tulika Press: 2014); “Universally comprehensible, arrogantly local. South African labour studies from the Apartheid era into the new millenium” (Editions des Archives Contemporaines, 2017). Her focus areas are history, sociology and epistemology of the social sciences, critiques of Eurocentrism, fascisms.



Elisabeth LAMBERT

CNRS Research Professor in law. Her fields of expertise are the implementation of judgments delivered by regional Human Rights Tribunals (for which she has also worked as a consultant for European institutions), access to supra-national justice, remedies to victims and performance applied to the judicial sector. She has started investigating the right to a healthy environment for a few years. Elisabeth had an academic position in an Australian University from January 2017 to June 2018, from which she gained more familiarity with the common law system, notably tort law and Australian Human rights law. She is also the co-Director of studies of the full-taught in English Erasmus Mundus LLM ‘Euroculture’.




CNRS research professor in political sociology, is currently deputy Vice President for research in charge of the Social sciences and Humanities at the University of Strasbourg.
He has worked extensively on the sociology of the European Union, social policy and the sociology of public administrations.



Christian BONAH

Professor for medical humanities and cultural history of health sciences at the Medical Faculty of Strasbourg University. He is directing the Department for Social sciences and humanities in Medicine and member of SAGE research unit UMR 7363. He is the principle investigator of the ERC Advanced Grant Body Capital devoted to digital and visual history of the body and health agency in Europe. He is responsible for innovative teaching and curriculum development in medical humanities and interdisciplinary science, technology and society studies.





Analysts at the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) at the OECD. She holds an MSc in Mathematics and a BA in English Teaching. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Strasbourg, in which she is exploring the knowledge dynamics in the teaching profession. Before joining the OECD, she was involved in the management of EU-funded international projects on school leadership at the Knowledge Centre of Tempus Public Foundation in Budapest, Hungary. She was engaged in the development of a competency framework for school leaders and was responsible for leading knowledge management activities in the European Policy Network on School Leadership. She had also worked as a secondary school teacher.



Jean Monnet Scholar and visiting post-doc researcher at Strasbourg University. He obtained his PhD degree in European Union Department at Istanbul University in which he completed his master’s degree, as well. He was a visiting researcher at Aalborg University in Denmark while he was conducting his doctorate research on ‘research & development, education and innovation policies of the EU’. His studies focus on higher education, R&D, science and research policies of the European Union.

His presentation of the symposium is about “The effectiveness of the european union’s higner education policies in the context of framework programs« .You can directly download her presentations by clicking the title.



PhD candidate at University Toulouse Jean-Jaurès and a vice president of the Chinese educational research association in France. She holds a MA in education from University College London and a BA from Beijing Normal University. Her current research interests focus on teacher training, professional competence building, and teacher education policy.

Email :


Liyan JING

Ph.D candidate at the University of Strasbourg (UDS) major in sociology, focusing on the comparative study of foreign cultural policy between China and France : example of confucius Institute and Alliance francaise.



Research unit LISEC (Learning Sciences and Communication Laboratory)

Elisabeth REGNAULT

Associate Professor of ESPE/Faculty of Long-Life Learning at the University of Strasbourg and member of the LISEC. Her research area is comparative education, specially the influence of PISA on the national reforms in education. She has published a book: Elisabeth Regnault (2017) L’éducation comparée entre mesure et culture, entre global et local/Comparative Education between measure and culture, between global and local. Paris: l’Harmattan, coll. Education comparée. She is also coordinator of international exchanges and outgoing students.




Maître de Conférences at Strasbourg university. He teaches mathematics and didactic of mathematics at Master level for primary and secondary school teachers. His research has moved from pure mathematics (1981 PhD in Montpellier 2 University) to mathematics education (2005 PhD in Paris 7 University). He uses comparative approach to study proof, modelling, teaching and teacher training in mathematics education. His last research is related to trainer beliefs and use of Game of Go in mathematics education.

Email :

His presentation of the symposium is about “Examples of comparative studies in mathematical education« . You can directly download her presentations by clicking the title.


Alexandra BARBERET

Ph.D student in Educational Sciences at LISEC (Learning Sciences and Communication Laboratory) and a lecturer for undergraduate students at the University of Strasbourg.  Alexandra’s area of specialization is Comparative Education and Education Policies. Her main research subject focuses on “The glocalization of teaching practices in France”. The objective is to understand how French elementary school teachers adapt the teaching practices defined by international guidelines. Furthermore, Alexandra has a dual career track record.  She has a PhD in Physics from ENSPG (Grenoble Engineering School for Physics)/University of Grenoble) and has worked for 12 years as researcher physicist in several countries, particularly in the US and Germany.



Yingdong LIU

Ph.D. student in Educational Sciences at the University of Strasbourg, France. Her main research interests are the learning experience design, the evaluation of the learning experience and the instructional design for serious game. She received her first master’s degree in educational sciences (education and technology) from the University of Strasbourg and her second master’s degree in Cognitive Science (human-computer interaction) at the University of Lyon II.

Email :



Ph.D. In educational sciences, Maria Denami focuses her research on the professional development of workers on the field of health through Information and Communication Technologies. Her works started with the Doctoral Thesis and aimed to understand specifically how to work competencies could be developed throw VLEs (Virtual Learning Environment) by using the theoretical field of professional didactic and activity analysis. Next to it, Maria is working as instructional designer and project manager at the Institute of Pedagogical Development and Innovation (Institut de développement et innovation pédagogiques). There, she is responsible to coordinate a program of project-based learning aiming to enhance students’ professionalization starting from the earliest stage of their bachelor. In this context, she also develops several learning modules aiming to teach project management, leadership, oral presentation, etc. which are dedicated to students who participate in this program.




Ph.D. student in educational sciences. My research focuses on the appropriation of the e-Portfolio of competences by students. In phase one, she made an initial investigation about the effects of the e-Portfolio in student practices. In phase two, she proposes experimentation, which consists of introducing a self-evaluation technique from the activity theory (the ergology) in the constitution process of the Portfolio. This aims to encourage students to establish a permanent bond between their experiences (as a student, citizen and professional) and its formalization, followed by the codification of competences in order to approach training programs and job profiles.




Ph.D. student in educational sciences. Her experience as a relay manager in the years 1994-2000 allowed her to see what the difficulties could be encountered by the relay managers trained at the National Institute of Youth and Sports between their training and their professional practices. Her subject of the Ph.D. thesis is « Between training and practices, what support methods implemented by the relay-framework in development projects like Bottom up in Yaoundé, Cameroon ».


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